DECOLONIAL SUBVERSIONS: New Publishing Platform Launching At SOAS

Decolonial Subversions is a newly established open access, multilingual, peer-reviewed publishing platform committed to the decentring of western epistemology in the humanities and social sciences. It seeks to grant more visibility to scholars from the Global South by subverting barriers and norms that govern mainstream Anglophone knowledge production and publishing.

Decolonial Subversions are an international team of collaborators and like-minded researchers, practitioners and professionals from India, Ethiopia, Senegal, Namibia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Hungary, Greece, Moldova, Italy and the UK. Our team and partners include academics, practitioners, activists, designers, photographers, web-development specialists, linguists and translators, all of whom appear on the website of the platform as integral members and stakeholders of this initiative.

The aim of the launch on the 30th of March is to formally introduce the initiative to the SOAS community and the public and to present for the first time the online publishing platform and the first round of contributions. The Decolonial Subversions team will first outline the platform’s innovative approach in terms of citation politics, peer review and language use. The panel will then explore broader questions around the role of multilingual knowledge in decolonising knowledge production, linking the conversation to broader issues of language learning and teaching at SOAS.

The event will be facilitated by the founding editors, Dr Romina Istratii and Monika Hirmer, who are both currently at SOAS. It will include a panel conversation with SOAS academics and students and some of the platform’s international partners. Dr Michael W. Thomas – the Screen World project’s resident expert in Ethiopian film – will take part in the discussion.

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You can read more about the team’s motivations here:


Book photography by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash