Reel Pakistan: A Screen Studies Forum


In the Spring of 2020, Dr. Zebunnisa Hamid and Dr. Gwendolyn S. Kirk launched their new academic journal Reel Pakistan: A Screen Studies Forum, with working papers from the annual Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies (CLCS) Screen Studies Symposium at LUMS, a university in Lahore, Pakistan. This open-access publication is available online at and serves the mission of promoting and disseminating research on media texts, production, and reception, with particular emphasis on encouraging undergraduate research.

The journal is dedicated to creating a forum for academic discourse on Pakistani screen studies, using a variety of approaches and on a scale from the local to the transnational. It will feature academic writings on fiction film, documentary, television, new media, and other forms that develop in the Pakistani context. There are also plans to publish an edited volume with selected papers from the journal. This journal emerged out of the annual CLCS Screen Studies Symposium, in which students presented the work they had completed for the Research Seminar in Screen Studies course under the supervision of Hamid and Kirk. The first Symposium took place in May 2019, and the second in December of the same year. The third edition is planned for December 2020 and is expected to take place online as Reel Pakistan adapts to current global challenges. Symposia feature, in addition to student presentations, keynote talks from academics and film writers, film screenings, and most recently the Short Film Competition.



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