Añulika Agina

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Nigerian Screen Worlds

I have a background in media and communication studies with a focus on Nigerian film and culture, which I have been researching since 2009 at the Pan-Atlantic University (PAU), Lagos. At the PAU, I also co-convened conferences and round-tables on Nigerian film with scholars and filmmakers. In 2015, I obtained a PhD in Nigerian film from the University of Westminster, UK, where I co-organised African film conferences for three years. I have a broad range of research interests from representations of the past and conflict in film, which my PhD explored, to reception studies, media effects as well as cinema-going cultures in Nigeria and Ghana. Researching documentary film and social change, and the variety of screens through which audiences engage with African film, are also special interests of mine. I was a recipient of the African Film Fellowship at the University of Cape Town in 2016. Thereafter, I co-edited African Film Cultures in 2017 and published an article on cinema-going in Lagos in 2019.