Lindiwe Dovey

  • Principal Investigator

I am Professor of Film and Screen Studies at SOAS University of London, where I have been on the faculty since September 2007. I am a researcher, teacher, filmmaker, and film curator, and my work aims to combine film scholarship and practice in mutually enlightening and creative ways. Originally from South Africa, I am passionate about African filmmaking in particular, and I am the author of the books Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), and African Film and Literature (Columbia UP, 2009). As a film festival founder and film curator, I have tried to raise the profile and visibility of African cinema in the UK. With colleagues at SOAS I have also co-curated film seasons exploring film cultures and industries across the Global South, and I am committed to continuing to work with others to make the mainstream film industry and film festivals more inclusive and diverse. I am a member of the Decolonising SOAS working group, and have been working with colleagues at SOAS and across the world to try to contribute to a more equitable, just, and globally representative higher education environment. You can read more about my work at my SOAS website and my personal website.