OPEN SCREENS // The Asian-African Film Connection: Cross-Cultural Imaginaries, Shared Sources, Parallel Histories


The co-authored introduction and four, co-authored articles presented here emerged out of a one-day workshop held at SOAS in July 2018, called “The Asian-African Film Connection” – an event specifically designed to bring UK-based scholars of Asian and African film into conversation with one another, to explore cinematic sources, themes and aesthetics that both link and divide these two regions, against a backdrop of our broader marginalisation within mainstream Film and Screen Studies. This was our first step towards taking on the stimulating but often difficult work of collaboration and co-authorship with one another, across diverse regions and intersectional identities, to challenge a ‘lone ranger’ approach to knowledge production and to insist that the dreams of decolonisation can only be achieved if we work towards them collectively. Guest edited by: Lindiwe Dovey and Kate-Taylor Jones from Screen Worlds.


The Asian-African Film Connection: Cross-Cultural Imaginaries, Shares Sources, Parallel Histories

Lindiwe Dovey and Kate Taylor-Jones


Back to the Future: Imaginaries of Africa on East Asian Screens

Deanna T. Nardy, Jennifer Coates and Jamies Coates


The New Americans?: The Sino-African Relationship on Chinese and Ethiopian Screens

Michael W. Thomas and Chris Berry


1001 Nights and Anime: The Adaptation of Transnational Folklore in Tezuka Osamu’s Senya ichiya monogatari/A Thousand and One Nights (1969)

Rayna Denison and Stefanie Van de Peer


Transformational Identities of Children within Iranian and South African Fiction Films: Ayneh (The Mirror) and Life, Above All

Yunzi Han and Christine Singer