Film Editing Masterclasses

Film Editing Masterclasses


Please find below our Screen Worlds Editing Masterclasses – created in partnership with Chouette Films. These short videos offer basic film editing skills for anyone interested in working with the free digital editing software DaVinci Resolve 17. We hope you find the short tutorials both fun and useful. If you use these videos, please could you write to Anna Sowa at to let us know how they have been helpful. If you write to us, we’ll also be able to keep you updated on any further free training we are offering.



  1. Creating a Database
  2. Managing Media
  3. Subclip Workflow
  4. Cloning Files
  5. Viewing Media
  6. Placing Clips on the Timeline
  7. The Blade Tool
  8. Ease Fade In and Out
  9. The Link/Delink Tool
  10. Viewing the Timeline
  11. Levelling and Normalizing Audio
  12. Adding Sound Effects / Foley
  13. Adding Music
  14. Audio Transitions
  15. Keyframes
  16. Adding Titles
  17. Adding Subtitles
  18. Adding Graphics
  19. Creating Split Screen
  20. Exporting Timelines
  21. Speeding Up DaVinci Resolve
  22. Adding Video Effects



i. Creating a Database

ii. Managing Media

iii. Subclip Workflow

iv. Cloning Files

v. Viewing Media

vi. Placing Clips on the Timeline

vii. The Blade Tool

viii. Ease Fade In and Fade Out

ix. The Link / Delink Tool

x. Viewing the Timeline

xi. Levelling and Normalising Audio

xii. Adding Sound Effects / Foley

xiii. Adding Music 

xiv. Audio Transitions

xv. Keyframes

xvi. Adding Titles

xvii. Adding Subtitles

xviii. Adding Graphics

xix. Creating Split Screen

xx. Exporting Timelines

xxi. Speeding Up DaVinci Resolve

xxii. Adding Video Effects