Filmed Events

In Conversation with Mukaddas Mijit


What can mainstream filmmakers do to listen better to creators from colonised worlds? Mukaddas Mijit discusses Uyghur cultural expression and filmmaking along with her recent work, “A Poem About Exile” (2020). Interviewed by David Tobin (The University of Sheffield). Produced by Screen Worlds and The University of Sheffield.


Videos featured:… (A Poem About Exile)… (Uighur tradition meeting Palestinian music)… (Momam: the great woman, 2012)… (6 meters of Etles / Brooklyn Bridge – Mukaddas Mijit & Lisa Ross)… (Qumul Muqam Center 2020)… (L’ IMPROMPTUE DANSANTE PAR MUKADDAS MIJIT, XAVIER COLLET, BIJANE ETEMAD-MOGHADAM)… (Ahim (I cry) by Ghojimuhemmed Muhemmed 2020)… Ayshemgul Memet Ensemble & Mukaddas Mijit (traditional Uyghur music and dance, Morgenland Festival Osnabrueck)… (2018 Biopics Muqueddes TLS, Guayabo Collectivo)